Gold Silver fumed Spoon

  • ca. 10cm long
  • 22K Gold fumed
  • Silber fumed
  • color changing!
  • Airflow Control
  • handmade

color change

This spoon was vaporized with gold and silver particles to achieve this extraordinary look. 
The colour-changing properties of the whistle are also exceptional! Small residues from smoking get stuck on the inside and saturate the colors. The more it is used, the more intense the colors become and it becomes your very own "one-of-a-kind" piece. However, these changes do not have to be permanent, after a thorough cleaning the spoon looks like new again.  

Fuming process

During the so-called "fuming" a small piece of gold or silver is held in the flame of the burner. Due to the extremely high temperatures, the gold or silver begins to evaporate. If you now hold the workpiece in the direction of the flame at the same time, the glass is vaporized with the precious metal. 

Tako Glass

This spoon is by So Glass, an artist from Washington, USA. For years he has been delighting people with unique bongs, pipes and even jewelry. Every single product is a handcrafted unique piece. With this spoon you not only get a practical smoking device that looks fantastic, but also a piece of current art history right in your living room!


Delivery within 2-4 working days

What is Heady Glass?

Heady glass refers to pipes that emphasize aesthetic and artistic ability over sheer functionality. These glass masterpieces demonstrate the breadth of technical talent and the height of human imagination, combining the two in astounding proportions. The artists invest many hours of work and sometimes rare materials to create unique works of art.