Golden Nodule Spinner Carb Cap "Red"

  • ø about 3.5 - 4 cm 
  • Spinner function from 
  • 22K Gold fumed
  • Metallic red magenta inside
  • Optics change depending on the light and viewing angle
  • Handmade and signed
  • Fits 25-30mm bangers


Fuming process

During the so-called "fuming" a small piece of gold or silver is held in the flame of the burner. Due to the extremely high temperatures, the gold or silver begins to evaporate. If you hold the workpiece in the direction of the flame at the same time, the precious metal is vaporized on the glass.  

Digger Glass 

Digger Glass was a passionate mineral and fossil collector before he started flameworking, which is now reflected in his art. 

Like all of Digger Glass's handmade artworks, this one is signed

made in the USA by Digger Glass

What is Heady Glass?

Heady glass refers to pipes that emphasize aesthetic and artistic ability over sheer functionality. These glass masterpieces demonstrate the breadth of technical talent and the height of human imagination, combining the two in astounding proportions. The artists invest many hours of work and sometimes rare materials to create unique works of art.