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Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch

Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch

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Higher Standards X Blazer collaboration

  • Made in Japan
  • Anti-flicker design
  • Turn around with no problems
  • Strong & robust brass flame nozzle
  • Removable base plate & precise flame control
  • 35 minutes high quality burn time
  • 1370°C Flame

This collaboration between Higher Standards and Blazer has produced an anti-flare butane torch that couldn't be more practical, accurate and portable.

When using torches, it is important to only use lighters that excel in functionality, build quality and development. The Big Shot Storm Lighter is just that: A top product when it comes to craftsmanship and reliability. After each refill you have 35 minutes burning time at a maximum temperature of 1370 °C.

Not only can you light up a dab rig in seconds with this storm lighter, this torch is also the strongest and smallest tool ever. You can even solder with this little thing!

Remove the safety cap from the nozzle. We recommend starting each session with the smallest setting. Then press the button and adjust the flame to your liking. Then switch off the torch or simply turn off the gas tap.

The storm lighter can be refilled with butane gas at the bottom of the device.

Delivery within 2-4 working days

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Um dein neues Topshelf Piece auch sauber und rein zu halten gibt es viele möglichkeiten.
Als Hausmittel empfehle ich die Isopropanol + Salz Methode. Das Salz löst sich im Isopropanol nicht auf und entfernt idR. auch hartnäckige Rückstände


Bei uns wird mit Vorsicht und Liebe verpackt! Unser Verpackungsmaterial ist recycelt und Umweltfreundlich. Hinweis: Das verpackungsmaterial in euren Paketen ist kein Plastik, sondern Cellophan und kann ebenfalls in der Papiertonne entsorgt werden.