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Tako Glass

Magic Mushroom 30 cm Beaker Bong with 14mm Slider

Magic Mushroom 30 cm Beaker Bong with 14mm Slider

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  • High quality 30 cm beaker bong with 14 mm slider
  • Ice catcher for cooler smoke and more flavor
  • Artfully attached glass mushrooms give a unique look
  • Anyone who likes shrooms will love this bong straight out of wonderland
  • 14 mm slider with mushrooms and additional decoration
  • Handcrafted one-off straight from the USA

Glass bong in the magic forest look

On the outside, three colorful mushrooms make their way out of the bong. With their fine, detailed workmanship, they have a natural-organic quality that invites you to marvel, discover and admire.

Three magic mushrooms protrude from the workpiece. The mushrooms are modeled after the famous mushrooms that enchant people all over the world. The bright colors break with the clean look of the beaker and give the entire product a very special vibe; Perfect for the next festival, a relaxing evening with friends in nature or for dreaming and chilling at home on the couch.

Art meets craft

The Beaker bong is not only a work of art, but also a handcrafted smoking device. It features an ice catcher so you can cool your smoke even further. Taste enthusiasts appreciate that.  A small mushroom is also attached to the 14 mm slider. With its strong silver-blue painting, the slider fits perfectly into the magic forest look, which is made perfect by small green bubbles on the slider and an orange-colored highlight on the one-hole downstem.

Handcrafted unique piece from the USA

The mushroom bong is by Tako Glass, an artist from Washington, USA. For years he has been delighting people with unique bongs, pipes and even jewelry. Every single product is a handcrafted unique piece. With the mushroom bong you not only get a practical smoking device that looks fantastic, but also a piece of current art history right in your living room!

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Um dein neues Topshelf Piece auch sauber und rein zu halten gibt es viele möglichkeiten.
Als Hausmittel empfehle ich die Isopropanol + Salz Methode. Das Salz löst sich im Isopropanol nicht auf und entfernt idR. auch hartnäckige Rückstände


Bei uns wird mit Vorsicht und Liebe verpackt! Unser Verpackungsmaterial ist recycelt und Umweltfreundlich. Hinweis: Das verpackungsmaterial in euren Paketen ist kein Plastik, sondern Cellophan und kann ebenfalls in der Papiertonne entsorgt werden.