Mini Tube "Grass Sparkle" 10mm

Mini Tube "Grass Marble Sparkle " 10mm

  • 90° 10mm connection
  • about 14 cm high
  • Green-Blue Marbled Colors
  • "sparkle" effect
  • Borosilicate
  • Portable
  • Made in USA

Notice: Depending on the incidence of light, artificial or daylight, colors can appear differently. We were able to capture that well in the photos of this unique piece. 

JoeyB Glass

Joey has with his colorful mini tubes quickly gained notoriety in the international heady Glasszene. Its mini tubes are not only perfect for on the go, the small form factor means that fewer flavors are lost. 

Delivery within 2-4 working days

What is Heady Glass?

Heady glass refers to pipes that emphasize aesthetic and artistic ability over sheer functionality. These glass masterpieces demonstrate the breadth of technical talent and the height of human imagination, combining the two in astounding proportions. The artists invest many hours of work and sometimes rare materials to create unique works of art.